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LiveInk is a innovative process that takes advantage of the power of digital text. LiveInk, along with text-to-speech, the ability to change font size, font color, spacing and background color all make digital text a powerful tool for people with print disabilities. LiveInk is based on scientific discoveries in syntax and vision. LiveInk arranges text into meaningful, visually friendly phrase patterns. LiveInk also allows readers to increase the font size and otherwise customize the reading environment. Multiple, independent research projects have shown that LiveInk has a significant impact on reading comprehension and retention, especially for struggling readers.

For a free LiveInk version of The Remarkable Rocket click here. Currently LiveInk is available only for Window 95 and later operating systems. They are working on a Macintosh version. Let us know what you think.

  • Download file by clicking here.  Remember where you saved the file.
  • Find the downloaded file and double click and the file will open.
  • Click on the Table of Contents tab on the upper left hand corner.
  • Click on The Remarkable Rocket by Oscar Wilde.
  • Be sure to explore all the controls and options to get a greater appreciation of the power of LiveInk!

 For more information about LiveInk technology, go to their website at

Clip Read is the subscription service that reformats most any digital text to LiveInk. It very fast and easy to use. Graphics are automatically purged in the LiveInk rendition. To learn more about the subscription service that enables you to read  in LiveInk format, including books from the Accessible Book Collection, go to