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Reasons to Subscribe to the Accessible Book Collection

If you are asking "Why should I subscribe to the Accessible Book Collection when Bookshare is free for schools and students?" here is an answer.

By all means you should sign-up for Bookshare. After all it is now free for schools and students, so why not? It is a terrific resource and tool for learning. While you are signing up please also consider subscribing to the Accessible Book Collection for these reasons:

  • Our books include illustrations.
  • Our books have all been proofread.
  • Our books are chosen to be appropriate for pre-K to 12th grade students.
  • Many of our picture books for young kids have been formatted with UDL principles in mind and with switch accessibility built in. Look here for more info.
  • We include books specially written for older struggling readers.
  • Our books can be listed by title, author, reading level, or interest level so finding a book is a snap.
  • Our subscriptions are almost free. See here for details.

Your students deserve the best. A free electronic book that has not been proofread is not good enough for students with most print disabilities. Can you imagine reading a book with multiple typos? Next imagine how disruptive that would be for a student with a reading disability.

Illustrations enhance and support the text. A free electronic book that excludes illustrations short changes your students. A book with multiple typos and with the illustrations deleted might be better than no book at all but when a book is available without multiple typos and with illustrations, isn't that what your students deserve and need?

While our book list is far shorter than Bookshare's we have better books, books for young kids with pictures, and books in switch accessible formats. While we're not free we still represent a terrific bargain by any measure so please consider subscribing to our service. Bookshare and the Accessible Book Collection belong in every school.

While you're here take a look around and feel free to email Joe Rickerson, our executive director, with any questions you may have.


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