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In order to promote and encourage the appropriate use of our electronic books we are now offering free subscriptions, perhaps just for a limited time, to assistive technology professionals residing in the United States. We want you to be able to show students and teachers how they can benefit by having a subscription to the Accessible Book Collection.

To qualify for a free subscription the following questions need to all be answered with a "yes."

Do you work for a school system or similar entity?

Do you have responsibility for students in more than one school?

Do you train teachers in the use of assistive technology?

Is your email address associated with a school district or similar entity?

Are you a resident of the United States?

You may use this free subscription to evaluate its appropriateness for students. However, in order for a student to use material from our website, other than the initial evaluation, a paid subscription for the school the student attends must be acquired.

You may also use this subscription to train teachers in the use of materials found on our website so as to benefit their eligible students. You are not permitted share this subscription.

In order to obtain your free subscription, and for us to be able to manage the relatively large number of potential subscribers, please follow these instructions carefully when subscribing.

Click the button on the top of this page that says "Subscribe."

When you get to the page titled "Subscriber License" take particular note of the paragraph that reads as follows:

Non-profit educational or government institutions who enter this Agreement for the purpose of training teachers or other professional staff for the purpose of facilitating the use of the materials found within the Licensor's Web site by blind or other persons with disabilities. For example, a school district may subscribe for the purpose of training teachers in schools within their district. Additional Licenses for each school desiring to use the materials within the Licensor's Web site with their eligible students would be required. (Paragraph added 3-31-03)

After you agree to the Subscriber License you will be directed to a page that gives you three options on the type of subscriptions available. Choose the first option "Non-Profit or Government School."

Fill out "The Accessible Book Collection Subscription Form." A sample form is available here. You may wish to print this form out.

Where the form requests your "School Name" please enter the letters "AT" followed by  your school district or similar entity name. The letters "AT" will signal us this is a free subscription for use as described above. Please do this exactly as described. Remember where the form requests your "School Name" enter the letters "AT" followed by your school district or similar entity name.

For payment options indicate you will pay for the subscription by purchase order.

Near the bottom of the form there is a request for a "Registration Code." Please enter the numbers "1234."

Click the button that says "Process My Subscription."

You will go to one final page that instructs you to send a purchase order in for the amount of $0.00. Ignore this page and within three days your subscription will be activated. (Generally it will be a lot quicker than three days.) Upon activation we will send you an email welcoming you to the Accessible Book Collection. If we need additional information regarding your eligibility we will email you.


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